“Helping children live ordinary lives in extraordinary circumstances”

Why did you decide to set up Sunflowers Care?

While working together on the Community Children’s Nursing Team we realised there was a huge gap in the Care for Children with Complex Health Needs between hospital and home. We also became aware that there was a need for short break respite care and knew we had the experience and enthusiasm to provide these services.

What should we bring?

Obviously you will need to bring any equipment and medication that is relevant to your child/young person’s care and day and night clothes.

As we strive to make Sunflowers a home-from-home please feel free to also bring toys, posters, books, personal music players, laptops/ipads and so on to make their stay as enjoyable as possible.

How much does it cost to stay at Sunflowers?

Unfortunately, as every child/young person’s needs are different there is no simple answer to this question. However, if you get in contact we’re happy to advise you on payment and funding options along with any other queries you may have.

Can parents stay?

Yes, the bedrooms are a lovely size and we have space for a parent or family member to stay in each of the child/young person’s rooms.

Who is responsible for the Child/Young Persons day to day care?

There is a nurse on every shift supported by a team of carers and one of the managers is always on call.

The local GP will be used in the same way as if the child was at home.

There is also a visiting General Paediatrician once a month who has worked in both the Respiratory and Intensive Care specialities.

Sunflowers will continue to liase with any speciality Consultants relevant to the care of the child/young person.

How can I contribute if I want to donate money or equipment?

We are extremely grateful for any donation of books, toys or equipment. We are especially happy to receive sensory equipment which can easily be cleaned and is in good condition. These items can be given directly to us here at Sunflowers but please call first to discuss suitability and to arrange delivery.

If you wish to donate money or help with fundraising, please contact Support 4 Sunflowers via their Facebook page.

Thank you!